Railtex 2021

Joining forces to shape the future of UK rail

7 - 9 September 2021 | NEC, Birmingham

Infrarail 2021

Exhibit Safe

Creating safe stands for business

As we prepare to deliver Railtex / Infrarail, there are some changes for our exhibitors to be aware of, to ensure we all create and maintain safe environments to do business. For further information about the regulations for exhibiting please see the Exhibitor Manual in the Exhibitor Zone.

RT IF21 pictures exhibit safe

RT IF21 Exhibitor enclosed stands

Enclosed stands

We recommend open stand designs which allow good ventilation and space for people to move freely. If enclosing larger areas of the stand, your Health & Safety documentation must demonstrate that it meets current stand build regulations.

RT IF21 Exhibitor group demonstrations


Demonstrations are permitted if measures have been put in place to reduce or eliminate transmission risks.  You must have COVID-19 Health & Safety Documentation which shows how this area will be monitored and controlled. 

RT IF21 Exhibitor meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Small-enclosed meeting rooms are not practical at this time, you must follow the government guidelines at the time. You are permitted to use open meeting space that is partially screened to give some level of privacy. This space should be sanitised between uses.

RT IF21 Exhibitor cleaning and hygiene

Cleaning & hygiene

You must provide hand sanitiser and/or hand washing facilities within the stand design. All high touch points should be cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaning materials during build, show open and breakdown.

RT IF21 Exhibitor stand hospitality and catering

Stand hospitality & catering

Please consult the Exhibitor Manual for the latest advice.  If planning a drinks reception consider how your customers would feel about the potential catering restrictions and if they would be comfortable to attend.

RT IF21 Exhibitor promotional material

Promotional material

We encourage you to review your promotional material (e.g. product brochues and giveaways), and consider other more sustainable, non contact methods to distribute information. Find out more about how we are using Emperia for safe sharing of information at our events.

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We hope that helped provide more clarity about safety procedure at the event.
However, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us – we’re here to help!

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